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Don’t waste your time reading me. (I’m joking read me:)

Do you remember these days when we have no mobile phones? I do. Things are changing. Progress isn’t standing on one place.

There was time when women have no rights and they had to fight everything. Now I sometimes mention that women keep fighting for something in their relationships (which I’m not sure is worth fighting for).

I’m old fashioned. I think that guys should ask girls for a date, pay them a compliment and for the dinner.And I don’t get why girls get so offended when gays show the intense to pay for them. saying things like: “I can pay for myself! I’m an independent woman” Yeah, you’re no one is argue with that. But if you look at this from that point then yeah, you can do everything yourself. But why when we have this all qualified professionals who went to universities and learned how to do some work? Okay maybe I took it too far.

The point is I don’t get why would you wanna ask guy out yourself? It’s a lot of stress and with all this thinking of what to wear and how to do make up it’s already enough stress.

In general a lot of things become easier this day. You can call each other from different parts of the world for example. But we still love to watch classic movies. Why? Because they’re classics.

So leave something classy in your life by letting boys be the one who’re asking you out.
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