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Would you like the top relationship advice on how to express your love? Here is the video summary of The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman and his top ideas, which will help you improve your relationship, keep your marriage and express your love in the best way.

The video summary of the book The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman has to start with being in love. Let’s face it: being in love is fabulous and it makes us believe in miracles. But dr. Gary Chapman reveals a problem: the in love faze only lasts from 6 months to 2 years. After that we come back to reality and we see the world and our partner the way they are… And start looking for relationship and marriage advice. Maybe we should pick up the book 5 love languages first. Why?

Dr. Gary Chapman’s top idea is that we all speak a certain love language. When we express love for our partner in his love language and when he does the same, we are getting the love we need. When we don’t use his love language, he might not perceive it as love and this is where problems in the marriage continue.

Dr. Gary Chapman is an amazing psychologist and in the book The 5 love languages he shares his top relationship advice.
Speaking the love language of our partner is the key for expressing your love and avoid the divorce.
There are 5 love languages and depending on which type you and your partner are determines what kind of behaviour makes you feel loved. The key is to discover what is your partner’s primary love language and learn how to »speak it«. It is also important that you know what is yours and to share this with your partner. The more love you express to him through his love language, the more you will get back.

The 5 love languages are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. The recipe to avoid the divorce or infidelity is to express your love through your partner’s love language.
Just like the story presented in the video, you can do many things, but if your partner doesn’t speak that language, it is useless.
If his love language is acts of service, you will show him your appreciation by cooking dinner, vacuuming the apartment or mowing the lawn.
If he prefers words of affirmation, you better start speaking and complimenting his looks, actions and strengths.
There is no better way of expressing love for a quality time person than long conversations, Sunday walk, playing board games or a road trip.
When your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, sex is very important. But that is not all. Holding hands, kissing, hugging and occasional massage will do wonders for your connection.
Receiving gifts speaks for itself, but it doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt. Express your love with a simple flower, chocolate or a handwritten letter will do miracles.

When your partner doesn’t feel loved for a long time, he is empty. Gary Chapman says that once you speak your partner’s love language the relationship definitely changes. Only when you express your love with his love language will he start feeling more and more loved. Be sure to tell him what your love language is and how he can express his love using your love language. It is also a great idea to buy or borrow dr. Gary Chapman’s book The 5 love languages as there are many useful idea on how to learn to speak each love language.

The recipe for a successful marriage and lasting love is not about feeling in love all the time, it is a decision to give your partner the best you can and him doing the same for you. The five love languages focus on that: giving and receiving in the way that is the best for you. Dr. Gary Chapman has written the book according to his many experiences in marriage counselling and changed lives of many couples. Instead of complaining about your husband try listening to him. Usually our partners are telling us, what kind of love language they speak according to their requests. Real marriage is about expressing your love the right way. With the 5 love languages you can do that and you can forget about the infidelity and divorce. If your partner gets everything he wants from you, why would he ever leave?

There is no need for special relationship advice: find out what your love language is with a short test here:

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